TEAM LOGO Paintball Marker Design

Looking for just to add you logo / team logos or identification marks? Here is your chance.

Detail of your logo can have detailed grayscale as well. Vectored preferred art. DARK COLORED ANODIZING PREFERRED.

Turn around time - 1-2 weeks after receiving your marker  

Additional Services:
* Bloody Barrel tip (choose the option with Barrel tip in it)

Once your design is purchased online, the next step is to make sure you follow the check list below: 

* Marker needs to be clean of dirt/paint/oil etc.

* Remove all unwanted parts which you do not want lasered such as grips, internals/board etc.

* Pack your marker properly to avoid damage during transport (CK Fight Life is not responsible for any damaged items during transport)

* Only send in what will be lasered (do not send any extra parts)

* Print out your order receipt and make sure your contact information is correct such as name, address, phone and email.

* Send your marker including your receipt to the address below and keep a record of your tracking number:


39252 Winchester Rd STE 107 #363 
Murrieta, CA 92563


By purchasing this service you agree to the following:

Customer must be aware of the possibility of imperfections in alignment and design with the laser before purchasing.  We are also not responsible for manufacturing, anodizing, and function defects.

All trademarks, copy right designs, service marks, and trade names are proprietary to Fight Life Sports Inc. or the other designated owner of a posted mark. Elements of this program are protected by trade dress, copy rights and other laws and may not be copied or imitated in whole or in part

CK Fight Life
Customer Service: 310-782-8086