Contract Killer 2021 "MASTERLESS" 45-STYLE Grips (ONLY 5 SETS MADE)

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“Ronin” is the Japanese term for a masterless samurai and is written with the characters for ‘floating’ and ‘man’, i.e., a warrior adrift with no lord to serve nor stipend for income.

The problem with these men was that they were armed and out of work. They had a reputation for getting into trouble; for joining local squabbles, for turning to banditry, for falling into the world of theater and entertainers. They also flocked to join whoever raised the battle flag and needed additional fighters to swell his armies. In short, they were a source of social and military instability, they were contract killers.

Our NEW 2021 Laser etched wooden grips are like nothing you've felt before. A must have for anyone looking to give their marker that special touch.

These are HARD-wood grips for most 45 grip style frames.

As we continue to vigorously test our wooden grips, we continue to evolve.
Each set up grips has been professionally hand sanded for improved comfort.

Only 5 sets to be made! Don't miss out!

* One piece solid white oak wood piece

* Hand sanded and professionaly contoured.

* Etched 

* Semi-glossed Polyurethane for a durable finish.

* Fits most two -holed 45 style frames.