"CKRACK" 45-STYLE Grips Black Stained


Are you prepared to go the extra 100 miles to get where you envision yourself to be? Will you sacrifice a little of yourself to build your empire?

 There are many more questions out there but only a few people will actually make it happen. Some people either rush the process or don’t even start; they just “talk” about it.

 Just keep in mind: Everything comes to you at the right time. Be patient and trust the process.

As we continue to vigorously test our wooden grips, we continue to evolve.
Each set up grips has been professionally hand sanded for improved comfort.

* Hand sanded and professionaly contoured.

* Etched / stained

* Semi-glossed Polyurethane for a durable finish.

* Fits most two -holed 45 style frames.